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Private Cremation


In a private cremation your pet is placed in our cremation chamber individually and kept separate from others. After cremation the remains are processed and placed in an urn and either returned to your veterinarian's office, or your home. Lasting Memory uses an individually numbered stainless steel ID tagging system to guarantee that you are getting the remains of your pet. This tag is with your pet throughout the entire cremation process. Along with the remains and tag, you will receive a cremation certificate.


Communal Cremation


With a communal cremation your pet's remains are sheltered at our facility and processed with others. After cremation, Lasting Memory respectfully scatters the ashes on our Remembrance Path. Never will a pet’s remains be disposed of in a landfill.


Family Cremation


We offer this service to those owners who suffer the loss of more than one pet around the same time.  Your loved ones will be cremated in our chamber together and their remains will be returned in one common urn.


In-home Removal


A member of our staff will come to your home and respectfully remove your pet and bring it to our facility for cremation.  Once the process is completed, we will deliver the remains to your home.


Witness Cremation


The staff at Lasting Memory can make arrangements for pet owners to be present at the time of cremation.  Please contact us for pricing and to coordinate a date and time.

Same Day Service

As a pet focused service provider, we can accommodate same day cremations upon request.

Winter sheltering


If you prefer to bury your loved one, we will shelter during the winter months for a springtime burial.